What Should We Wear to Our Engagement Session?

Even after multiple years of taking photos for a living, I STILL have trouble picking outfits for my own photos when it comes time to update our family photos or take new headshots. So trust me when I say, you are not alone in this struggle!

First off, I'm just gonna say it - I am a big big fan of neutrals. I know, I know, you're probably rolling your eyes at me right now...but hear me out!

Neutrals will withstand the test of time...and all 4 seasons. Wearing neutral colors won't put your photos in the box of feeling like seasonal photos. I also find that they don't distract from the cuteness that is you and your fiancé. I mean think about it: if you see a photo of a couple who is wearing red and green, typically you're going to notice what they're wearing first and immediately start thinking about Christmas time, rather than taking in the moment that their photographer (hopefully) worked so hard to tell their story through.

Be encouraged though! Neutral colors aren't limited to brown and white! When I think "neutral," I'm thinking of any color that isn't distracting. Pink, orange, blue, green and even yellow all have very nice neutral, toned down variations that look absolutely beautiful in photos! I would also consider blue jeans to be a "neutral."

As for what style of clothing to wear, this is pretty straight forward. WEAR WHAT YOU FEEL GOOD IN. Now, if you need guidelines, I can give you those! When you book an engagement session with me, you will get the option of 2 outfits + 2 locations. I really recommend that even if you don't choose to use both locations, you should definitely do both outfits. This will give you variety and visual interest in your photos! A good, simple guideline is: 1 causal, 1 dressy. Your favorite pair of Levi's and then a dress that makes you feel beautiful. Or if you're someone who doesn't even own a dress, (like me...hi) then pick whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and put together!

When it comes down to it, my goal is to make your experience easy and your photos a reflection of your relationship. Below, I have included some great examples -from my own sweet clients- of neutral outfits that only add value and beauty to their photos.